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Thank you Brenda

A customer of mine was searching for a hand held pick machine.  Well she searched a couple of hours and found us on line.  She ordered her product and then as she does very often she did a live video presentation using the hand held pick.  She let her viewer’s know where she purchased her item and boom! The orders came piling in.  Thank you Brenda from Magnolia Junction Decor More!  I really appreciate all the customers you sent my way.

2 thoughts on “Thank you Brenda

  1. Patty, I was glad to send customer s your way. I hope that I can send more. There is nothing more satisfying than helping out a small business owner. So I say “Thank You”.

    Magnolia Junction & More

    1. Thank you Brenda! This site is still new and i have many more items to add. And still working out some kinks. But overall I am satisfied with the developers.
      Again, I really appreciate you for sending customers my way.

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