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Wholesale Customers We are Ready.

Hello everyone.  Wholesale South web store is now ready to accept Wholesale Customers.  It took a bit, but now we have our site ready for a wholesale price level for qualified customers.  To our past customers, please give us a call if you know that we have your tax information already and we can then update your account.  We can add an account manually if you call us.  We will assign you a password that you can update after you have been added.  Thanks again for your patience.  As you can see, we still have many items yet to be added, but we are working diligently to get more items added almost daily.   Again, our wholesale price level is ready.  If you log on to the site you will only see the retail prices that anyone can see.  Only after we add you as a Wholesale Customer will you see your new Wholesale Prices.

Thank You


7 thoughts on “Wholesale Customers We are Ready.

  1. How do I register to your site as a new wholesale customer?

    1. Hello Robin,
      If you will fax your tax information to us we will update your account to Wholesale. Our fax number is 334-684-3194. Put your email, business name, and phone number on the fax and we can add you to the site manually.
      Patty Robinson

      1. Hi Patty! I have my LLC however using my social security for tax id. Is this acceptable?

      2. Hi Patty! I have my LLC, however using my social security # for tax id. Is this acceptable?

      3. Hello Robin,
        If you file your business under your social security and have a tax document where you filed taxes using the business name then yes you can use it for wholesale, but you will have to pay sales tax on your purchased items. We can only exempt sales with a sales tax number only.
        Thank you

  2. Will my order from you be sent? Payment has been approved.

    1. Yes you will receive your order. Thank you so much!

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