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Beautify grave yards with lovely silk flowers.

Silk flowers beautify a grave yard.
Have you ever driven past a grave yard and noticed the yards and the flowers.  Hopefully you saw headstones adorned with flowers wrapped around them or large pots of silk flowers between the graves.  To me, there is a sadness felt when I notice a grave that has no flowers with weeds and grasses that has grown up all around. 
Honor the memory of your loved one with Silk Flowers.
Now, with Mothers Day just around the corner, it is time to honor the memory of a loved one with some flowers.  Silk flowers are the perfect choice for decorating a grave and brightening the landscape of a sacred burial-place for our loved ones.  This Mother’s Day, remember to place some flowers on your loved ones grave.  Step back and look out over the grave yard and say a prayer for the families who have lost loved ones.  Be thankful for the person you are and the thoughtfulness you have shown.
For outdoor use, silk flowers will last longer.
If you are deciding what flower to put on a grave, there are many beautiful mixed silk flower bushes that would work perfectly. A mix of silk roses, hydrangeas, delphinium, peonies, would look very beautiful together. A simple arrangement of just daisies, or just roses would work nicely. Really, any flower or mixture that you like would be perfect. Remember though that for longevity, choose the silk flower over the real. They will be there until you remove them.
What color flower to use for Spring.
If you are deciding on a color for your silk flowers there are some tips to remember. The colors that appear in nature this time of year should be your focus. Have you ever seen a field of marigolds, or fields of lavender growing wild? Your eyes are drawn to the bright yellows and purples. Always an excellent choice for spring. Pink roses in full bloom? Add some pink colors to your selection. And always a good filler for spring time is the dainty color of white.

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