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Design your own graveside flowers.

With the availability of silk flowers at many local department stores and online stores like Wholesale South, there are many reasons why you should design your own flower pot design.  Many silk flowers have a great variety on just one bush that all you need is one.  Mixed silk bushes might contain for example roses, hydrangeas, lilies, delphiniums and even greenery.  This is all you will need to make up a beautifully arranged container of silk flowers to adorn your loved ones graveside.  Personally, I like to cut up all my stems from the bush and start in the middle of the container and see what looks good to me.  And of course the bush itself already looks good as it comes from the store.  Many people like to just insert the bush in the middle of the container, which looks alright., but in my opinion looks much better if you cut it up and design it yourself.  It also gives you a sense of pride in your flower design.  A subtle warning, this can be addictive.  As once you start designing your own flowers, it is almost impossible to ever stop.  As I like to say, “I have never met a florist who can give up flowers even into retirement.”

Happy designing!

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