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The Holidays are Over!

Myself and most of you have taken down your Christmas tree, wreaths, garlands, and decorations.  I have just packed up my last box of stocking holders and ornaments and have carefully placed them in a box.  I wanted to put them inside in a closet so I would not have to trod out in the cold and rainy weather this coming season to find my decorations.  This past season I waited until after Thanksgiving to put up my tree because I love Thanksgiving season and wanted to see all the red, orange, yellows and greens on that special day.  Normally, I have already assembled my artificial Christmas tree up in the living room with fall ribbons and pumpkins.  It adds so much to the Thanks giving season.  But, this year I waited and did not have my Thanksgiving tree.  This added to my stress level of getting the tree up to decorate.  My suggestion to all who love to decorate for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays would be to put your tree up before Thanksgiving, decorate it with fall ribbon and decorations.  Nothing elaborate, just some warm colors of fall on your tree. Then, as soon as Friday gets here, go crazy with Christmas.  Also, when you put up your tied ribbons and bows, stuff the center of the loops with paper, tissue paper, newspaper, etc.  This helps them to hold their shape and they will look just as beautiful for the next year.

I hope you had an amazing holiday season.  And get ready because Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  More of the beautiful color of red!


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