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Soon it will be Easter

The rush of the holiday season is gone and then right into the big day of Valentines! This day gets here fast and it is furious! Then it is over! One big day in the life of a florist. Take a deep breath and rest for just a bit. Now get ready for early spring. Its time to replace old cemetery flowers, create new door wreaths and yes., wedding season. The end of Valentine brings newly engaged couples ready to start planning for their big day.

So much to do! Here at Wholesale South, we are ready for all the new season needs. We have lovely silk bushes and stems. Great array of supplies such as vases, foams, ribbons, grapevine wreaths and much more. Me personally, I like to concentrate on Easter. The bunnies and Easter lilies are so cute and sweet. So, when you are re dressing your front doors and bringing the spring season in, think about the carrots , eggs and grasses that look so lovely on a grapevine wreath. And don’t forget that beautiful ribbon!

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