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How to tie a bow

Of course you will need your ribbon, wire, and scissors. The easiest to tie is wired ribbon so that is what I am using in the video. I have taken a piece of florist wire 22 guage and wrapped it with green florist tape. I always wrap my wires for two reasons. One, it keeps the wire from rusting if it were to get wet and two because you get a better grip and it ties off much better. First I fold the ribbon to get the size that I want. Next, i lap the ribbon over itself and squeeze it together to make sure that both sides are even. You really want to begin with even amount of ribbon on both sides. Then i start folding the ribbon over and at every fold i twist the ribbon on the back side. I continue this process until i make the desired size of bow that I want. Then i like to have ribbon tails, so i measure off both tails, and then I tie off with my wrapped florist wire. You can pull out the bow a bit to shape it if you like. And you have a beautiful bow.

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