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Silk flowers and fresh flowers can work together

As many of you are aware, its not easy to get the exact flower of choice these days. The demand this year for live plants has also been so great, that you may get a much smaller plant than your regular green foliage you usually were able to get. So, in order for many florist’s to please the customer, brides, etc., they use a combination of both silk and live flowers or plants to achieve a beautiful design. So mixing silk and fresh flowers is perfectly acceptable so you can create a lovely floral bouquet, centerpiece, bridal bouquet, etc. Human beings have survived for years solving problems and creating solutions for their environment. Times are challenging for the floral community, but I have no doubt that there is a way to create a beautiful floral piece with silk and fresh flowers that is sure to please! Hopefully this supply chain issue will resolve before too long. Until then, stay creative, ambitious, and resourceful!

God Bless!

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