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The Christmas Gnome

What is a Christmas gnome? They are becoming more popular in the United States, as we see them in many retail stores. From what I have researched, the gnome is a symbol of protector or guardian of precious treasures. The gnome symbolizes good luck and prosperity. They especially love to protect the children of the home. So as you are out shopping to add a few new ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree, think about adding a cute little gnome ornament. There are some larger gnomes that might sit on a mantle. While the gnome may not symbolize the traditional Christmas, I can see the addition as a great conversation topic for your holiday season. They represent goodness, love, and care for those we hold dear, and to me that makes them special!

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Silk flowers and fresh flowers can work together

As many of you are aware, its not easy to get the exact flower of choice these days. The demand this year for live plants has also been so great, that you may get a much smaller plant than your regular green foliage you usually were able to get. So, in order for many florist’s to please the customer, brides, etc., they use a combination of both silk and live flowers or plants to achieve a beautiful design. So mixing silk and fresh flowers is perfectly acceptable so you can create a lovely floral bouquet, centerpiece, bridal bouquet, etc. Human beings have survived for years solving problems and creating solutions for their environment. Times are challenging for the floral community, but I have no doubt that there is a way to create a beautiful floral piece with silk and fresh flowers that is sure to please! Hopefully this supply chain issue will resolve before too long. Until then, stay creative, ambitious, and resourceful!

God Bless!

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How to tie a bow

Of course you will need your ribbon, wire, and scissors. The easiest to tie is wired ribbon so that is what I am using in the video. I have taken a piece of florist wire 22 guage and wrapped it with green florist tape. I always wrap my wires for two reasons. One, it keeps the wire from rusting if it were to get wet and two because you get a better grip and it ties off much better. First I fold the ribbon to get the size that I want. Next, i lap the ribbon over itself and squeeze it together to make sure that both sides are even. You really want to begin with even amount of ribbon on both sides. Then i start folding the ribbon over and at every fold i twist the ribbon on the back side. I continue this process until i make the desired size of bow that I want. Then i like to have ribbon tails, so i measure off both tails, and then I tie off with my wrapped florist wire. You can pull out the bow a bit to shape it if you like. And you have a beautiful bow.

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School or No School that is the question?

It has been an extra long summer for us all with the hot weather, schools out early and yes this pandemic. We are facing times like we have not seen, at least in my lifetime, and how are we coping? Well, we stay at home and cook more instead of going out to a restaurant. Not so sure I like this, but my cooking skills back to where they once were, or maybe a little better. Don’t really like the clean up part. We wash our hands much much more, which i kind of like the cleanliness part, but the face mask wearing is very unattractive and really sweaty. I have learned to use some essential oils on my mask so i don’t have to smell my own breath all the time. My preference is thieves oil as it also has some added healthy benefits.

The question is when will our kids get to be in school and have some social time with their friends? Its a different answer for all areas of our United States. As for my south Alabama area, we are going 2 days on and the rest virtual. So, we learn to multi task. Ours lives are so different and so are our kids lives! But, we will get through this and will be a better United States for it. My hopes are that we will be cleaner, more thoughtful of our children, and appreciate all the freedoms that most of us have taken for granted! I know that I have. I hope that we appreciate the abundance of food choices we have, the ability to work and work harder to have what we want. The police that keep us safe! The right to bear arms! The freedom of religion and assembly. The right to go to concerts, travel and have parties. The right for our children to go to school and learn in a safe environment.

Almost all area of our lives have been invaded by this virus . I remind myself what Jesus said ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

On a happier note, the weather is one thing you can count on to change and I am definately ready for some cooler temperatures in the south. So if you don’t have the green thumb or just want one less thing to worry about, buy you some beautiful silk flowers and make a centerpiece for your table, which is used more these days. Also, think about adding a new wreath to your front door in some silk flowers. No worries if you forget to water them, they don’t need any water. Maybe make up some flowers for a loved one passed on to put on their grave side. So many options that are beautiful and add some beauty and happiness to your life. If you look on our website at you will see some tea roses and some grasses. Put some together and see just how pretty they are.

It was great to blog today! I hope to be back soon! Happy happy day! Stay safe and healthy!

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Soon it will be Easter

The rush of the holiday season is gone and then right into the big day of Valentines! This day gets here fast and it is furious! Then it is over! One big day in the life of a florist. Take a deep breath and rest for just a bit. Now get ready for early spring. Its time to replace old cemetery flowers, create new door wreaths and yes., wedding season. The end of Valentine brings newly engaged couples ready to start planning for their big day.

So much to do! Here at Wholesale South, we are ready for all the new season needs. We have lovely silk bushes and stems. Great array of supplies such as vases, foams, ribbons, grapevine wreaths and much more. Me personally, I like to concentrate on Easter. The bunnies and Easter lilies are so cute and sweet. So, when you are re dressing your front doors and bringing the spring season in, think about the carrots , eggs and grasses that look so lovely on a grapevine wreath. And don’t forget that beautiful ribbon!