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Lets have a Merry Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and will soon be here full blast!  But, before I begin talking Christmas, I want to ask and also send prayers out to all my friends and customers that have been in the path of Hurricane Michael.  This storm has taken homes and businesses and caused much devastation for so many.  From Bayside Florist in Port St Joe  to Around the Corner in Chattahoochee and  to all the towns and business’s in between,  please say prayers for them.  The towns and businesses in Chipley,  Marianna, Lynn Haven, Altha,  Blountstown, Kinard, Wewahitchka, Panama City,  and Port St Joe, you are in my prayers.  Many of my customers in Bainbride, Blakely, Donalsonville and Colquitt Georgia.  Also, many towns in Alabama including Dothan, Abbeville and many in between.  You also are in my prayers.  I ask you all to put them in your thoughts and prayers.  In all my lifetime, never have I seen this so widespread.

On a happy note, it is almost time to decorate for the Christmas season!  Well, red, green, white and gold are still on top for Christmas colors.  I am seeing a lot of silver still and some blues.  I have added some pictures of our 2 trees at the front of the store decorated in red and white poinsettias with plaid ribbon.  A very classic Christmas design is always a warming site for our eyes.  Also added to the tree is green and white holly bushes that add more to the classic Christmas look.

On our other displayed tree, I have added the Elf theme.  Kids love this as well as many fun loving parents!  This theme fits well with the popular “Elf on the Shelf”, story book and toy.  We have elf legs adorning the tree as a topper. Elves of different shapes and sizes and also a metal elf face is used as a focal point.  The ribbon is a solid shiny red to tone down the many colors of red, green and white mix.  As well as solid red shiny ornaments to pull it all together.  This tree is a happy tree and makes me Smile when I look at it.

Lets all have a Merry Christmas and remember to keep us in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas season!

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A new design item that I love!


I would like to introduce you to a new item from syndicate sales.  It’s name is called plastic pillow or plastic egg.  The pillow is the perfect item to use for making table arrangements for your upcoming event or wedding.  The pillow makes it easy to design by allowing you to create a beautiful shape without the use of oasis foam or dry foam.  The pillow or egg holds your flower stems in place without the need even for tape.  Please watch the video and you will see just how easy designing the perfect floral piece can be.  No need to hold it in your hand to turn and cross stems for a hand tied bouquet. Truly, the best new item i have seen in the floral industry lately.

Plastic pillow plastic egg

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Design your own graveside flowers.

With the availability of silk flowers at many local department stores and online stores like Wholesale South, there are many reasons why you should design your own flower pot design.  Many silk flowers have a great variety on just one bush that all you need is one.  Mixed silk bushes might contain for example roses, hydrangeas, lilies, delphiniums and even greenery.  This is all you will need to make up a beautifully arranged container of silk flowers to adorn your loved ones graveside.  Personally, I like to cut up all my stems from the bush and start in the middle of the container and see what looks good to me.  And of course the bush itself already looks good as it comes from the store.  Many people like to just insert the bush in the middle of the container, which looks alright., but in my opinion looks much better if you cut it up and design it yourself.  It also gives you a sense of pride in your flower design.  A subtle warning, this can be addictive.  As once you start designing your own flowers, it is almost impossible to ever stop.  As I like to say, “I have never met a florist who can give up flowers even into retirement.”

Happy designing!

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Beautify grave yards with lovely silk flowers.

Silk flowers beautify a grave yard.
Have you ever driven past a grave yard and noticed the yards and the flowers.  Hopefully you saw headstones adorned with flowers wrapped around them or large pots of silk flowers between the graves.  To me, there is a sadness felt when I notice a grave that has no flowers with weeds and grasses that has grown up all around. 
Honor the memory of your loved one with Silk Flowers.
Now, with Mothers Day just around the corner, it is time to honor the memory of a loved one with some flowers.  Silk flowers are the perfect choice for decorating a grave and brightening the landscape of a sacred burial-place for our loved ones.  This Mother’s Day, remember to place some flowers on your loved ones grave.  Step back and look out over the grave yard and say a prayer for the families who have lost loved ones.  Be thankful for the person you are and the thoughtfulness you have shown.
For outdoor use, silk flowers will last longer.
If you are deciding what flower to put on a grave, there are many beautiful mixed silk flower bushes that would work perfectly. A mix of silk roses, hydrangeas, delphinium, peonies, would look very beautiful together. A simple arrangement of just daisies, or just roses would work nicely. Really, any flower or mixture that you like would be perfect. Remember though that for longevity, choose the silk flower over the real. They will be there until you remove them.
What color flower to use for Spring.
If you are deciding on a color for your silk flowers there are some tips to remember. The colors that appear in nature this time of year should be your focus. Have you ever seen a field of marigolds, or fields of lavender growing wild? Your eyes are drawn to the bright yellows and purples. Always an excellent choice for spring. Pink roses in full bloom? Add some pink colors to your selection. And always a good filler for spring time is the dainty color of white.

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Are they Real or Silk

As silk flowers become more mainstream, we strive to have botanically correct silk stems to make up beautiful wedding bouquets and corsages.  In my youth I worked in many greenhouses in central Florida.  My early dislike of silk flowers was due to the fake appearance of silk flowers years back.  Now, you will find so many flowers that are almost hard to detect the real from the silk.  Happy shopping!