Silver Foil Paper


Decorative silver poly foil wrap for flower pots and more. Can be used to cover cardboard for cake.
Foil paper measures 20 inches by 30 feet. This item is a Hampshire Paper Product.

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Silver foil paper is a product of Hampshire Paper Company.  This poly embossed foil is a decorative poly foil wrap for flower pots and more. This product is used mostly for wrapping flower pots to add color and decorations.  It cover the pots that the flowers are grown in.  It is water resistant and is the perfect wrap for covering up the pot.  Silver foil paper is also used to cover up card board squares to put cakes or baked goods on.  It dresses up your baked goods without having a fancy tray.  Let your imagination go with this foil paper.  I have made large lollipops out of this foil paper by covering a round piece of styro foam and adding a stick.  I have heard of people wrapping a plastic beach ball with this paper to make large candy balls to put outside.   Foil paper is available in many different colors to meet your design.  Guardsman Printed Poly Embossed Foil Rolls are poly backed for strength and water resistance and then embossed for texture.

Hampshire Paper Company Foil Paper


Yellow Foil Paper

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